Finding Comfort

Lemons to LemonadeIn my latest post, I wrote about dialysis, how I don’t like it at all and indicated some ways I try to cope with it. Today I want to go beyond that and share how any tough situation can be transformed.

The secret to facing a difficult challenge is faith in God but more specifically faith that God is actively involved in your personal daily life. Lots of people believe in God but the Lord they worship is the God of the creeds who gives us heaven but little more. The Bible reveals a different God, someone who counts the hairs of our heads, who not only pays attention to us but participates in the mundane events of our lives.

I have witnessed this intimate attention over the last few months (see earlier postings) and know it now as a matter of fact, not just faith. One reason I write this blog is to share my discovery. I was always religious but my experience has taken me far beyond all that, it’s a paradigm change, a new perspective.

I no longer think of my life and God separately. God is there in everything that happens to me and everything I do – including dialysis. I have no idea why I’m on dialysis but I’m certain that there is a reason because God is part of it.

This assurance changes everything. Many people at my clinic view their treatments as a disaster. They lay in their dialysis recliner cold, wrapped in blankets, self-isolated, their head covered, all signs of deep depression, a depression they take home with them, as confirmed to me by their family members. But some of us are different; we take our treatment in stride with good humor, express appreciation for the technicians, nurses, nutritionists and doctors who work with us and treat other patients as friends.

For me, the difference is that I know that these treatments are part of God’s plan for my life. I don’t know the plan but I trust the planner. So I try to make the most of it – in my attitude and in other ways including this blog. The idea is as simple as turning lemons into lemonade, an old idea but one that always works. There’s nothing good about difficulties but they can be redeemed when we find a way to turn them into blessings for ourselves and others. We can do that when we remember that whatever our situation we are not outside God’s love. God is present and for that reason, the things we endure can and will yield something good. Instead of worrying or complaining we can trust God and keep our eyes open for opportunities to bring something good to light.

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