It’s a New Year but Whose Year is It?

SpirtVisionFor many 2018 begins with stating resolutions or doing some serious goal setting. Both customs are terrific but they lack one thing. They focus on what I can do in the new year but fall far short of what can be done.

I believe each of us should always strive to do our best but I also believe that our best is very different from what is possible. For me, the more interesting question is, what can God do? My journey through amputation, rehabilitation and into recovery has taught me that God can do far more than we usually think. In fact, the Bible tells us that we do not receive many things we want or need simply because we do not ask.

For example, I pray daily for my small church, Eagle Ranch, asking that it would grow. Thinking in a small way about God I used to ask the Lord to send the church a visitor or two and that was it.  But having seen staggering miracles on my journey toward healing, today I ask God to bless my Church with every kind of abundance.

I now suspect that my former prayers, while sincere were kind of wasting God’s time. God likes to do big things so we don’t need to pray for “blessing” when what we really want is healing or ask for “help” when we actually long for a resolution to a problem because God can and will do what we really need – if we are bold enough to ask.

Besides expanding my spiritual vision I find that this insight has changed my daily life in an amazing way. No longer limited by what I can do and no longer faced with a God whose potential is almost as limited as mine, I think a whole lot bigger these days. I enter this new year excited because it isn’t just my new year, it’s also God’s. There is no limit – none at all – to what is possible so I live unbound from whatever seems to confine me at any given moment and free to strive toward a future as big as God’s call and my highest dreams.

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