Trust In and Trust That

trustTrust plays a huge part in the recovery of health. But I’ve learned that it’s easy to confuse “trust in” and “trust that”. “Trust that” is confidence that a specific event or outcome is certain to occur. “Trust in” is confidence in a person.

For Christians, God is a person so trusting God is always a matter of “trust in”. It’s not different from the trust a person might feel toward their doctor or spouse except the trusting person likely views God as having powers and faithfulness that make trust in God a better bet than trusting anyone else. “Trust that” confuses trust in a person (even God) with confidence in the certainty of an event in such a way that the trustworthiness of that person is called into question should the desired event not occur as sought or imagined.

As I’ve journeyed through my recent health challenges I’ve engaged in both kinds of trust and learned that I find little comfort when I select certain outcomes and “trust that” God will do what I want. But peace and joy permeate my life when I simply put my “trust in” the person of God. Today I don’t worry much about this or that outcome, it is enough for me to know that God (who is always in charge) works to bless and not curse me. I don’t know what events and outcomes are held out before me but I know that the person who holds them loves me and I find all the comfort I need in that love.

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