Make It Great

Make It GreatI was sitting in my surgeon’s office waiting for a monthly appointment when another patient who like me was an amputee asked me how I was doing. I said what I usually say, “Terrific!” and returned the question. I guess he hadn’t heard me because he responded, “So so” and added  “That’s the best we can hope for” (referring to his surgery I guess.)

I suppose I should have let his comment go but the way he’d put it had included me in his dour outlook so I said, “I see it differently. I never look at what I’ve lost, I look at what I have left and concentrate on making it great.”

Every difficulty that we face comes attached to a world of opportunities. God gave each of us life for a reason and our financial, relational and medical losses don’t hinder that purpose. In fact the Bible tells us that for those who live by the Creator’s grace (which would seem to include all of us) everything works together for good. That doesn’t mean that only good things happen and there are no defeats or even disasters but it does mean that even the heaviest losses are not endings. They are enclosed within a purpose that surges steadily toward something better. What we call losses do not mean God has abandoned us, they only mark a step toward fulfillment of God’s plan.

The only people who can thwart God’s plan is us if we abandon faith and throw in the towel. Our job is to identify opportunities that were not possible before the loss but are possible now and  grasping them continue to live a joyful life that contributes great things to the world.

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